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TPA was created out of the need for an organization to be advocate for continual and responsible improvements  while preserving our identity as a neighborhood with historical significance in Sacramento California.  It is the first of it's kind in Tahoe Park.


TPA will also provide support for those wishing to apply for the National Historic Registry. In addition we will provide informational support for those who wish to qualify for preservation projects offered by the city.

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To become a member of TPA come to one of the scheduled meetings and meet everyone or speak with the project leader.  All you have to do is email here. Membership is FREE!

Project UPDATE

Our current projects focus on improving pedestrian safety for children, seniors, the disabled and residents. In addition focus will be on our mainstreets which is Broadway and as well as 59th street which are gateways to the interior of Tahoe Park.  


TPA is working hand and hand with non-profit community organizations as well as local community leaders to tackle the concerns facing Tahoe Park which affect livability and safety.


UPDATE : Walk Audit Completed

Walk Audit/BIKE to address dangerous traffic conditions will take place on June 28th Mark your calendars! We will meet at the Tahoe/Colonial Collaborative Community center which is a public meeting place. We will meet at 10:00 a.m. then begin our walk after that it will go until 2:00 p.m. aprox.

Come one come all! This is a family oriented event bring the family. Everyone will get a chance to mark their areas of concern down. Make your voices heard.


Tahoe Park



Boundary Map


Thank You!

TPA is aware of the problem area of 14th please contact us as we are having issues with trolls on this page. We have disabled the comment box for now we should have it back up soon under tighter controls. Kids! However 14th is an ongoing issue, TPA is looking to make changes to 14th, Broadway and 59th Streets. I think what people forget is that these ARE residential streets while they have some businesses they are NOT industrial areas or primarily commercial.


They have made these residential streets into throughfares by driving traffic down them with little regard to the residents who live near or on them.  Little has been done by local reps to remedy the situation despite repeated statements, calls, videos and complaints. All of us need to stand up for our neighborhood and do what is right.


Contact us for more details. Joe





Tahoe Park Association


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A neighborhood preservation association bringing the Tahoe Park community together

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